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Lone Star creator Kyle Killen took to his blog to express gratitude, disappointment and even guilt following the cancellation of his series.

"I'm incredibly grateful that we were given an opportunity to try a premise that, as the numbers seem to confirm, was perhaps a little riskier than I estimated," he wrote on The Letter Eleven.

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With abysmal ratings, the Fox series, about a con man leading two separate lives, was shelved after just two airings. Killen admitted that he didn't enjoy every minute of making the show, particularly at the end.

"There's a cast and crew ... And those are the people I had to face and apologize to for the fact that my [show] had been such a spectacular failure that they were now out of a job a mere two weeks after we hit the air," he wrote.

Although Killen's first show wasn't a success, he said it was a good one. "We made a good show. Not Shakespeare. Not MASH. But something I was proud of."

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Killen hopes that Lone Star will find a new home, though that appears to be a longshot. "We're actively looking at other homes for it, but those situations are rare," he said. "Whether we'll pull something like that off is anyone's guess. But we're certainly trying."Even if Lone Star doesn't move elsewhere, Killen has found a silver lining in the cancellation: more time with his kids.