Ali and Dina Lohan,<EM> Living Lohan</EM> Ali and Dina Lohan, Living Lohan
Dina Lohan is America's most controversial stage mom. Now she's got her own reality show, Living Lohan (Mondays at 10:30 pm/ET, E!) But just how

real is it?

Lindsay Lohan's been in and out of rehab. Dina's divorce was only settled last summer. Why do a new E! reality show now?
"I did this to defuse the rumors about myfamily," Donata "Dina" Lohan says. "The media has just been so horrific to us over the past two years."

Will Lindsay appear on the show?
No. Mom says she simply won't allow it. "I told Lindsay I don't want her on the show right now," Dina says. "Doing reality TV would almost be taking a step backward as far as her career goes." As opposed to I Know Who Killed Me?

If there's no Lindsay, what will Living Lohan be about?
Mostly Dina and Ali — "the other" Lohan daughter. The eight-episode series follows Lindsay's 14-year-old sis as she and her mother temporarily move from Merrick, New York, to the Palms hotel in Las Vegas, where Ali records her new album. "She's doing whatever she can to help her daughter Ali," psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser speculates about Dina's motives for doing the show. "Plus, it focuses on the good kid, and not the one with problems."

How involved will Daddy Lohan be?
Try not at all. Known for his stints in rehab and jail, Michael Douglas Lohan Sr. was not welcome. At one point during his divorce from his wife, the former Wall Street broker was limited to phone visitations with his kids. Now he can see them once a week. Still, the man who gave the Lohans their name will be MIA. "We kept personal family issues with their dad off-limits," Dina says of the show, which was shot over five weeks this spring. "No one wants to bash anyone. So we didn't go there."

What happened to that other Lohan reality show?
The Lowdown? No one bought it. But, according to Michael, the "anti-gossip" reality project was never intended to be a series. "I am definitely not looking for my own show," he said after a clip hit YouTube. "That's Dina's thing. I've got my own thing."

Dina's been tagged as a party mom. So will this be Wild on Lohan?
More like Mild on Lohan. Dina downplays her rep throughout the series. "People believe I'm this crazy party mom, [but] I have never partied with Lindsay," insists Dina. And those stories about her clubbing it up with her kid? "If another manager goes with their child to a record-release party, it's not in the papers," she says. "I'm a female, so I'm targeted." Ohhh. Kaaay. When she's not with Ali in Vegas, Dina's back home on Long Island chatting with her lacrosse-playing son Michael  (who's attending college on an academic scholarship), or driving around her son Cody and his soccer team buddies. Says Dina, "I just want to get the message across that we are a normal family." Dina Lohan, soccer mom? Now that's shocking.

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