ABC president Steve McPherson's in the house taking our questions. Anything you want me to ask him, aside from, "What's the dealio with Daybreak, dude?"

* Quick sidebar: I've run into, like, six Lost cast members here at the Ritz in the past 24 hours. Apparently, they're all staying here.

* Scoop! Dancing with the Stars returns on Monday, March 19 with a two-hour premiere. Cast TBA.

* The remaining Daybreaks will land on by the end of February at the latest. "It was an unfortunate situation," McPherson says of the music rights complications. (Would someone please relay this new information to Daybreak watchdog Matt Mitovich? I'm too busy.)

* McPherson admits he wasn't completely satisfied with Lost's Others-centric six-episode kickoff. "For me, the show that I really invest in is everyone together," he says. "And I think we're headed toward that when we get back." (The Lost panel begins at 11 am/PST. Clear your skeds.)

* Although The Nine has ceased production, McPherson hopes to run the remaining unaired eps later this season. Unfortunately, the final episode won't answer the question of what happened in the bank.

* He dodges a question about Rosie vs. Trump, saying he doesn't want to feed The Donald's PR machine.

* He believes Brothers & Sisters will "be on our air for a long time. The show is building audience week-to-week. It's hitting its stride." (I'll take "Understatements of the Century" for $500, Alex.)

* Regarding Men in Trees' weak retention of its Grey's lead-in: "We're going to give it some time on Thursday night."

OK, that's a wrap. See you back here at 11 am/PST for the Lost panel. Send me your Q's ASAP!