Harold Perrineau by Mario Perez/ABC Harold Perrineau by Mario Perez/ABC
8:54 am: We're in the homestretch, folks, and that can only mean one thing: Critics have begun recycling their old underwear. That explains the wall of stank I just walked through entering the Beverly Hilton's ballroom. 8:58 am: As we wait for ABC president Stephen McPherson to take the stage for the exec session, let me take a moment to extend a big thank-you to the generous folks at ABC Studios who had a case of Diet Raspberry Snapple shipped to my room yesterday afternoon. Just for that, I'm going to take it easy on

Big Shots. I was planning to call it a charmless piece of fecal matter; now I'm merely calling it unwatchable. Behold the power of Snapple! EXECUTIVE SESSION
9:10 am:
The first question... does not include the words "Isaiah" or "Washington." Darn. 9:13 am: On Lost's game-changing season finale, McPherson says it really "opened up a new world" for the show, adding that Team Darlton "pitched us where they're going this year, and where they're going the next two years." He says "running the episodes straight through [this coming season] is really the best way to do that... [It'll be a] much better, full-enclosed installment." 9:16 am: Cavemen came in "out of the blue... very late in development." That's still no excuse. 9:17 am: Football Wives is dead. 9:18 am: More on Cavemen: "We're in essence shooting a new pilot." Well, that's a start. 9:19 am: McPherson confirms that there will be several major Lost announcements at Comic-Con tomorrow that "everybody will be excited about." He refuses to say what they are. (I know!) 9:25 am: Ouch! A reporter just chided McPherson for holding the Lost news for a "fan convention," instead of making the announcements today. His response? "OK, Don Imus is joining the cast of Lost." He kids, he kids. 9:26 am: "We were disappointed with the way that show was creatively developed," McPherson says of Traveler's cancellation. 9:28 am: Another reporter is ripping into McPherson for not sharing the Lost scoop with us. This is getting ugly. 9:31 am: An ABC rep interrupts the session when she walks over to McPherson and whispers something in his ear. Two seconds later, he announces that someone on his team got in touch with Damon Lindelof and he gave his blessing to share the big news with us: Harold Perrineau is returning to Lost! 9:36 am: McPherson's aware that fans were less than thrilled with the creative direction of Grey's during the second half of the season, and he hints that this season won't be as dreary. 9:43 am: The session ends without a single Isaiah Washington Q! How'd that happen? 9:56 am: Better late than never... reporters trailing back from the McPherson gaggle stampede are saying the ABC exec blasted NBC for not only hiring Washington, but for announcing it with as much fanfare as they did. My colleague Stephen Battaglio was embedded in the stampede and just posted this bulletin. PUSHING DAISIES PANEL 11:02 am: The Pushing Daisies trailer is playing on the Jumbotron. I'm getting chills. 11:03 am: ABC describes Daisies as a "forensic fairy tale." 11:05 am: Scoop! Series creator Bryan Fuller says Daisies was originally conceived as a spin-off of Dead Like Me. 11:06 am: Director Barry Sonnenfeld will direct three of the first 13 episodes. In related news, I love this show so much I'm almost willing to forgive him for Men in Black 2. I said almost. 11:08 am: Fuller says ABC strongly encouraged him to inject Daisies with a procedural element, hence the crime-solving aspect of the show. 11:11 am: Fuller jokes that the twisty love story at the heart of Daisies - leads Lee Pace and Anna Friel can't lay a hand on each other - is an allegory for "mutual masturbation." I'm not touching that one. Get it? 11:20 am: The consensus back here in the peanut gallery: costar Kristin Chenoweth's new Carol Brady pineapple cut is a definite hair don't. 11:23 am: Fuller finds death "fascinating. There's something very magical and mystical about death." 11:26 am: Fun fact: Daisies is shooting on the old Wonder Woman soundstage. 11:35 am: Considering the cast is chockablock with Broadway thesps, a musical episode of Daisies is inevitable, Fuller predicts. 11:37 am: On his ex- Dead Like Me star Mandy Patinkin up and leaving Criminal Minds, Fuller says, "I can't fault him for doing something that we all think about from time to time." 11:43 am: Gaggle stampede! WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB PANEL 12:04 pm: Show rating: B, Angie Harmon: A 12:05 pm: This is odd. Joe Simpson, Ashlee and Jessica's pa, is on the panel. Did he wander in by accident? 12:06 pm: What the...? He's listed as an exec producer in the press notes. That's gotta be a misprint. 12:07 pm: I've just been notified that it's not a misprint. OK, who does he have naughty pictures of? 12:08 pm: Explaining his highly suspect involvement with this show, Simpson says author (and fellow exec producer) James Patterson "took him in as a partner." Ewww... Simpson has naughty pictures of a 70-year-old man with Coke-bottle glasses! 12:25 pm: Harmon refers to her last show as "heavily procedural," an obvious nod to Law & Order. Um, nice try, Ange, but we're not letting you off the hook for Inconceivable. 12:29 pm: Simpson doesn't rule out a cameo by Ashlee and Jessica down the line. Meanwhile, I still can't get the image of a naked James Patterson out of my head. 12:34 pm: Another skeptical reporter presses Simpson for details on what exactly he does on Murder Club. He claims he got the whole process started. Ewww...! 12:35 pm: Gaggle stampede! LUNCH
1-2 pm:
Bean salad, burritos, chips and salsa. CAVEMEN PANEL
2:18 pm:
The best thing I can say about Cavemen is... um... er.... Gimme a minute, I'll come up with something. 2:20: Scoop! The first cave woman will be introduced in Episode 5. 2:21 pm: Just thought of something positive I can say about this show: The sublime Julie White's in it. 2:26 pm: Costar Sam Huntington just made a cross-dressing joke and this is what followed: [ Crickets] 2:42 pm: GEICO is not involved with the show, say producers. Unless you count the collision insurance ABC took out on this train wreck. 2:50 pm: The producers are being clubbed to death about the racial stereotyping in the pilot. Note to ABC: Put them out of their misery and end this thing! 2:57 pm: Phew. It's over. That was intense. CASHMERE MAFIA PANEL 3:21 pm: Imagine Sex and the City with lazy writing and zero chemistry and you've got Cashmere Mafia. 3:22 pm: Ex- Sex producer Darren Star insists he "wasn't thinking of SATC when I was approached with this idea." Sometimes it's a lie even if you believe it. 3:30 pm: I'm bored. 3:35 pm: Lucy Liu is giving us fashion tips. Zzzz.... 3:45 pm: Scoop! Star offers this preview of the in-the-works SATC flick: "It's about four women." That's almost as funny as Don Imus joining the cast of Lost. 3:46 pm: Still bored. 3:48 pm: Zzzz.... 3:55 pm: Gaggle stamezzz.... I. Need. Sugar. CARPOOLERS PANEL
4:15 pm:
Imagine Sex and the City but with four guys and set almost entirely inside a sedan, and you've got Carpoolers. And shocker of all shockers: It doesn't suck! 4:16 pm: Jerry O'Connell describes his character as a "cheesy, playboy dentist." The other carpoolers include Fred Goss ( Sons & Daughters), Jerry Minor ( Lucky Louie) and Tim Peper ( Conviction). 4:26 pm: Faith Ford is really funny in this. There's a running gag in the pilot about her real-estate-agent character double and triple-flipping the same house in a matter of hours that made me howl. 4:35 pm: TMI alert! While asking a question, a reporter felt the need to share with us that his wife makes more money than he does and he gets to have unbelievable sex with her. And I was just getting that image of a naked James Patterson out of my head. 4:45 pm: Gaggle stampede! DIRTY SEXY MONEY PANEL
5:08 pm:
It's Brothers & Sisters on crack - and I'm addicted! The rock-solid cast includes Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland, Billy Baldwin, Jill Clayburgh and Samaire Armstrong. The behind-the-scenes team is just as impressive: Greg Berlanti, Josh Reims ( Felicity, Everwood) and Craig Wright ( Six Feet Under) are among the producers. 5:10 pm: Wright sees DSM as a modern-day Dynasty and Dallas, only instead of the Carringtons and the Ewings you have the Darlings. 5:13 pm: On returning to TV so soon after Six Feet Under, Krause admits it was a "big commitment." 5:20 pm: Spoiler alert! DSM's Cliff Barnes equivalent will be introduced in Episode 2. 5:43 pm: Armstrong is asked to weigh in on her onetime costar Lindsay Lohan's recent troubles, but she declines. I bet she's holding out for Comic-Con. 5:47 pm: Gaggle stampede! See ya back here tomorrow for the final day of press tour - and it promises to be a doozy. Five words: Shonda. Rhimes. Faces. The. Critics. Two more: Can't. Wait.