9:50: Sally Field looks freakin' terrific. And she and winner Helen Mirren are wearing two of the nicer, more creative colors of the night. Unfortunately, Helen's dress looks a little like a safety harness. But at least a pretty-colored one! 9:51: Helen is asking the conductor to Muzak her off. "I'm going on and on," she notes. But she's British, so it's charming.

9:52: Lewis Black is sorta yelling at us now. He's like Gilbert Gottfried, only less greasy. But he's spot-on with his gripe: Enough with the teasers during a show for a show that will come on later! No wonder he's yelling. That stuff ticks me off, too. 9:53: Oh dear. Lisa Edelstein can't quite fill in her frontless dress. I'm 200 percent against boob jobs, and Edelstein's a knockout, but as Britney recently taught us, packaging is everything. 9:55: They run one of those annoying ads under Black as he is plugging Fox's fall schedule. They lost me there. The ad wasn't nearly as garish as the ones they normally run, and it only took up a quarter of the screen. 9:56: Kathryn Morris looks hungry. And who's that guy who looks like Kelly Ripa's husband that she's presenting with? I bet he's on a CSI. 9:57: The director of the final Prime Suspect won Best TV Movie or Mini Director. Kathryn Morris still looks hungry.
And now Prime Suspect has won Best Writing, TV Movie or Mini, too. So this guy had five weeks to write one script? He should try squeezing in a minute-by-minute blog entry between commercial breaks. Pass the champagne.