10:24: Seacrest is wearing a Tudors hand-me-down and making the obligatory gay joke. What can I say about his performance tonight? He did his thing, dawg, but it was just aight for me.

10:25: Wayne Brady's looking all angular, setting up a Don't Forget the Lyrics gag in which Rainn Wilson and Kanye West compete to give out the next award. The category is "The Songs of Kanye West." The loser will have to retire from showbiz. Can't Ryan compete? 10:27: Wayne disqualifies Kanye for saying "you" instead of "ya." This is falling flatter than Amy Winehouse's hair during an AquaNet shortage. Why is Kanye wearing sneakers to the Emmys? Are they orthopedic shoes? 10:29: "I never win," Kanye mopily tells Rainn as they announce the reality-show nominees. Kanye's so short. And he doesn't look like he'd be such a sore loser, but from everything I've read, he is. Wonder if it's because he's so short. 10:30: Amazing Race wins best reality show. Is that show still on? Obviously, the Academy never tuned in to Charm School.