9:02: Holy smoke! Queen Latifah rocks red! That woman knows how to carry dangerous curves like nobody's business. She's introducing a tribute to Roots.

9:04: Queen's still talking. Is she ever gonna throw to a real clip? 9:05: Oh, it's the cast of Roots on stage. Hmm. Pretty big cast. Something tells me they aren't all going to get to speak. 9:05:10: Portia de Rossi is working Veronica Lake curls. Not sure why she's the cut-to person during a Roots tribute, but, um, she sure does look purty. 9:06: The dad from Good Times looks awesome. Wait, all these people are gonna give out the award for best miniseries? Wow. That's quite a crowd. 9:07: Broken Trail won. Um, so the cast of this amazing, history-making miniseries had to give an Emmy to... a plain ol' Western? Coulda been worse. It coulda gone to The Starter Wife. 9:08: Duvall says his parents had to push him into acting. So I guess Dina Lohan had the right idea with Lindsay all along. 9:09: Hayden Panettiere's presenting with Neil Patrick Harris, and they are being made to do semi-sleazy banter, um, why? He's probably one of the only actors in the room who we know won't be hitting on the now-legal cheerleader fantasy. 9:11: Best-guest-actress Leslie Caron seems to be wearing a medieval breast plate. 9:12: What are those phone receivers that swipe between the nominated clips? 9:12: The Sopranos wins best directing. Maybe NATAS hasn't ever seen Dexter. Anyway, the director is very dapper, very John Slattery-looking. He ended his speech with... was that Chinese or gibberish? In either case, he indicated that it was something of a tradition with him. Hollyweird. 9:14: The Sopranos wins best writing, too. The way they break up the screen every time somebody wins, you can't really watch the clip and you can't watch the winner make his way to the stage, either. Bah!
They're trying to Muzak David Chase off the stage. It works. Unbelievable. He's the boss man of The Sopranos. He's gonna take this?