9:05 am: Some WWE wrestler is on stage screaming into a microphone. Oh, he's introducing CW's resident stand-up comic, Keith Marder. 9:10 am: Marder just dissed Shannen Doherty, calling her new cable show "a waste of Oxygen." You gotta love a good Shannen Doherty joke.

9:15 am: CW's PR head Paul McGuire takes the stage and announces that Dave Rosenthal won't be wearing a "big hat" at the Gilmore Girls session this afternoon. The spirit of AS-P looms large. 9:22 am: Dawn Ostroff is in the house. Gimme that microphone! 9:23 am: Ostroff is making some opening remarks about CW's strategy. Zzzz.... wake me when the Q&A starts. 9:26 am: Scoop! Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars premiere on Sept. 26 and Oct. 3, respectively. 9:31 am: The Q&A begins! 9:32 am: I ask my first question: "Dawn, were you surprised by the size and scope of the media and fan backlash to the Everwood cancellation? And are you aware of the Ferris Wheel campaign, and, if so, do you plan to attend?" 9:33 am: She claims the decision to cancel Everwood was an "agonizing" one. "The fans were so devoted and, internally, there were so many people who loved the show. But we got into the scheduling room and... we wanted to give Runaway the best lead-in we possibly could. And when you look at 7th Heaven, it was the highest-rated show among total viewers between both UPN and the WB. Everwood skewed much older; it was the oldest show at either UPN or the WB. It would never have been able to really anchor a night." 9:34 am: She has no idea about the Ferris Wheel campaign, so I explain it to her. She says impassioned fan responses like that is "why we brought 7th Heaven back. Fans are so devoted and so loyal." Did you see what just happened there? She used the the Everwood Ferris Wheel campaign to justify renewing 7th Heaven!! That takes cajones. 9:36 am: Scoop! Haylie Duff is joining the cast of 7th Heaven as a series regular. Her character will go to seminary school. I'm not kidding. 9:40 am: A reporter just tore into Dawn for bringing back One Tree Hill. "I know One Tree Hill is not a critics' darling," she concedes, "but if you look at the show's demo, there was good reason to bring it back." 9:47 am: Dawn says she wasn't involved in the ill-fated Team Palladino talks. She quickly adds that Gilmore Girls is going to have "great story lines" this season under Dave Rosenthal. "He's the person Amy felt was best suited to take over the show. It's hard to follow in her footsteps, but I think if anybody can do it, he can." 9:50 am: The third question about the decision to use green as the network's official color. Riveting stuff. 9:52 am: Dawn clarifies that Haylie Duff isn't entering a convent on 7th Heaven. She's studying religion. 9:55 am: My second question: "Do you see Gilmore Girls continuing on beyond this season? And, if so, how do you plan to get Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel to agree to another year? They've both made it pretty clear that they're ready to move on." 9:56 am: She would love to see Gilmore Girls "live on, but first we have to launch, see how we are, see where we are." Interpret that one as you like. 10:02 am: McGuire brings the session to an end, but not before getting in a crack about the Ferris Wheel campaign. "I can't wait to see how they're going to drive a Ferris wheel down Wilshire Blvd. in all that traffic." The Ferris Wheel campaign is officially the talk of press tour - thanks to me! That better get me a free ride. Join me back here at 3:30 pm/PST as I live-blog the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls session. And check back later tonight for a complete recap of the day's events. Hey, how much fun was this?!?!?!