Normally I applaud the authenticity of HBO?s The Wire. Clearly, that show?s writers do their homework. But when Herc walked in on Mayor Royce and his chicken-heading assistant at the start of last week?s episode there was a graphic, split-second flash of what I can only hope was faux frontal nudity. It was a naughty bit. And it was totally uncalled for.

But this is HBO. So, you know, I was willing to let it go.

But then last night, they did it again. At the beginning of the episode, Omar climbs out of bed buck naked to go investigate a loud noise. The killer dope-dealer supreme goes to the window, looks out then turns to face the camera and ? Hello Baltimore! ? there?s Lil Omar. Compared to last week?s sex act, Omar?s frontal flash was fairly innocent. But still, this is the second week in a row they've started off with a not-so-wee-wee peep show and I?m starting to wonder if The Wire folks think they have to shock us into paying attention. 'Cause that?s not true, guys. I would watch even if you didn?t show which way Lil Omar sways. Heck, I watch in spite of it. Maybe I?m turning into a prude. But seeing the mayor and Omar's business was just a full-on case of Unnecessary Nudeness. Not nudity, people. But nudeness.