Marsai Martin, who plays the adorable, sinister Diane on black-ish, just stomped all over everybody's New Year's resolutions, dropping the trailer for her movie Little, which stars Issa Rae, Regina Hall and Justin Hartley.

It's not even out yet, but Little, conceived and produced by Martin, might already be the ultimate flex of 2019, since Little makes the 14-year-old the youngest executive producer in Hollywood history — at least until Millie Bobby Brown's new franchise, based on YA detective novels, arrives as expected this year. (Martin is a few months older than Brown.) Nonetheless, Little is no small feat, and by the looks of the trailer, it's backed with big laughs.

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Inspired by Tom Hanks' Big, Little sees Hall playing a mega-mean CEO type named Jordan Sanders who is absolutely brutal to her assistant April (Rae). After a young witch shows up in her office (just go with it) and casts a spell on Sanders to make her a kid again, she's reverted to a tiny tyke who has to navigate work and school life as a grown lady trapped in a kid's (Martin) body. Come for Issa's awkwardness and Marsai's sassiness, stay for Justin rejecting the advances of a grown woman in a middle school girl's body!

Enjoy the trailer and everything, but let's not lose sight of the big picture: Marsai Martin started working on this movie when she was 10. She now has a movie out starring some of the biggest names in entertainment, and she can't even drive yet. What are you doing with the remaining 356 days left in 2019?