Listen up: If you've ever worked in an office and you're not watching The Office, you're missing out on the most therapeutically hilarious half hour this side of Arrested Development. That's right; I said it. This week the Dunder-Mifflin employees find themselves marooned in the parking lot after a fire non-drill, and just like our Lost-aways, their survival instinct and penchant for conflict kick in almost immediately. While Jim keeps the masses occupied with a friendly game of DesertIsland, boss-man Michael "Out of the Building First" Scott lands himself in the middle of a deliciously complex love triangle. On the left, there's Dwight, a man willing to run into a burning building after your cell phone and clearly the most dedicated fire marshal in all of Scranton. And on the right, there's Ryan the Temp, so ambitious, so aloof, so very desperate to be anywhere but here. What's a regional manager to do?

The music cues in this episode reached entirely new heights we're talking Scrubs-size guffaws on my part. That's right; I said it. Dwight's driver's seat wallow-fest à la R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts"; his impromptu Billy Joel reinterpretation, "Ryan Started the Fire"; even Michael's cell ring tone ("Mambo No. 5" a nice reference to the "Dundees," if you'll recall) I think that last one may have actually caused me to hoot.

Somewhere in the midst of all that vital human drama, Michael finds time to bestow the Rules of Business upon young Ryan. ("Rule 5: Safety first i.e., don't burn the building down.") Hearing that, I can't help but think of another TV boss, the one and only Jimmy James, and the supreme wisdom of his Secret of Management. ("Secret No. 436: I'm with stupid.") Oh, my. Did I just mention the late, great

NewsRadio in the same breath as The Office? That's right; I said it.