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Lindsay Lohan is probably the last person anyone wants to get professional advice from, but that didn't stop the actress from doling it out on the set of her upcoming movie, The Canyons.

In an audio file published by TMZ Friday, Lohan can be heard sniping at her co-star, porn actor James Deen, as the two were preparing to rehearse a scene, while director Paul Schrader tries in vain to give them instructions.

Lindsay Lohan's top scandals

"Do your f---ing job," Lohan tells Deen at one point, shortly before Schrader gets exasperated enough to call it a day.

And apparently this incident wasn't the only Lohan-fueled mishap on the set. The New York Times published an expose Thursday detailing the troubled starlet's antics during filming, including being fired from the set and then hired back, locking herself in a closet before filming a sex scene, and being too hungover to shoot.