Lisa Ling Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling says she felt like a "complete failure" after suffering a miscarriage six months ago.

The journalist and former View co-host said in an episode of the show scheduled to air Friday that she and her husband, oncologist Paul Song, lost their baby at nine weeks.

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"I felt more like a failure than I'd felt in a very long time," she said. Ling, 37, said she doesn't think she took the pregnancy — her first — as seriously as she should have because she got pregnant so quickly. "We actually [hadn't] been trying that long," she says. "But then when I heard the doctor say there was no heartbeat it was like bam, like a knife through the heart."

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The thought of another miscarriage has left her "devastated," Ling said, but she decided to share her experience to help other women. She and a business partner have also started a website,, where women can anonymously share their stories.

Watch Ling discuss her miscarriage: