Melana Scantlin Melana Scantlin

Inspired by the recent gold medal win for the U.S. women's soccer team? Now you can get sexy and svelte just like them.

Lionsgate's free YouTube fitness channel BeFit has partnered with YouTube soccer channel KickTV to bring viewers answers on how exactly to obtain that slim soccer player figure. On the most recent episode of You Asked For It, World Cup player Jimmy Conrad shares his training tips and gives advice on how to get into the incredible shape that he's in.

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Hosted by Melana Scantlin, You Asked For It is a weekly web series that takes viewer-submitted questions and has experts like fitness guru Denise Austin, Pray Fit's Jimmy Pena, Sarah Fit, and YouTube yogi sensations Sadie Nardini and Rainbeau Mars answer them! Topics include everything from nutrition and diet to fitness and form.

Check out this week's You Asked For It featuring Jimmy Conrad below: