Lindsay Lohan announced her potential bid for the presidency in 2020 on Friday.

The actress shared the news on Instagram, crediting President Barack Obama for inspiring her decision and adding "let's do this @kanyewest."

Lohan followed up her initial announcement with a photo of her and Kanye West, who has also expressed interest in the Oval Office. And though her campaign is still years away, Lohan already has the platform she wants to run on. According to the caption, Lohan plans to "take care of all the children suffering in the world" and says she knows how to do so because Queen Elizabeth "showed me how by having me in her country."

The next day, Lohan proved her potential presidential run wasn't just a passing fancy. She posted a third Instagram, this time comparing herself to Ghandi.

🙏🏻 #ghandi #unitingWORLDnations #2020

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Yes, this is all insane. But be honest with yourself. Who would you really rather have as president: Lindsay Lohan or Donald Trump?