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Lindsay Lohan was taken out of court in handcuffs Wednesday after appearing for a scheduled "progress review," which stemmed from previous probation violations and that time she stole a necklace. Judge Stephanie Sautner revoked Lohan's probation, set bail at $100,000 and scheduled a hearing for Nov. 2.

She subsequently posted bail and was to be released once the processing was complete.

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In July, Judge Sautner had ordered the 25-year-old actress to perform community service at the Downtown Women's Center, but to court documents showed she "failed to show for nine scheduled appointments, and when she did appear, she blew them off after an hour or an hour and a half."Lohan had previously told her probation officer that at the women's shelter she "wasn't interacting with anyone so the service was not fulfilling."

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After reading the statement, Saunter fired back with, "Is that what the service is about? It's supposed to fulfill the individual? Perhaps community service is

work."Shawn Chapman Holley, Lohan's lawyer, asked that the court consider a statement from her therapist. "Ms. Lohan attended every regularly scheduled therapy session, and anything she missed was with the approval of her therapist." Holley went on to say that the therapist claims Lohan has reached a turning point in her maturity.

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Sautner replied, "So her failure to show up nine times at the downtown women's shelter ... that's reaching a turning point in your maturity?"Sautner concluded that she violated her probation, demanding that Lohan work 16 hours a week at the morgue until her next hearing.