Lindsay Lohan by Steve Granitz/ Lindsay Lohan by Steve Granitz/

I could have told you that the "alcohol-monitoring bracelet" was merely two old garage-door remotes held together with a strip of Velcro. Lindsay Lohan was pulled over in Santa Monica, California, early Tuesday morning after being spied chasing the Escalade of her former assistant - who had just resigned - with her Denali, reports. Lohan was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence (her blood alcohol level tested around .12), possession of cocaine, transporting a narcotic into a custodial facility (i.e., carrying coke into the police station) and driving on a suspended license. This marks LiLo's second DUI bust in three months - but only her first after really, really making a go of it for six weeks in rehab.

Lohan, released on $25,000 bail, was to drop by Tuesday evening's The Tonight Show to promote her stripper thriller I Know Who Killed Me, but an NBC rep confirms for, "Lindsay is no longer scheduled to appear on tonight's show." Not to worry, Larry King will come along soon enough. (I've read this story before.)

Lohan, TMZ reports, has returned to rehab, though not at Promises but an undisclosed facility.

Lohan's father, Michael, is bearing some of the brunt for how far his daughter has fallen, telling TV's Extra, "I know I'm responsible for part of this. I acted the same way myself. Lindsay is being torn from her family... running in all the wrong directions." That said, he holds out hope that Lindsay can clean up her act, saying, "Yes, I think she can rebound. We can use tragedy and turn it into triumph. I think Lindsay will do that."