Lindsay Lohan and Ellen Degeneres Lindsay Lohan and Ellen Degeneres

Lindsay Lohan says her breakup with Samantha Ronson "came out of nowhere" but has been easier than she imagined.

During a guest appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show Thursday, Lohan explained she "had no idea what was going on" with Ronson and the split "came out of nowhere."

"I just hadn't seen her in, like, a week. She, like, disappeared," said Lohan.

Making her first public appearance since the breakup (not counting her Funny or Die spoof), Lohan also said she hadn't cheated on the DJ.

"I don't believe in cheating on someone," she said. "I watched my father do that to my mother my entire life, so I really don't."

Lohan also laughed off reports that Ronson's family inquired about getting a restraining order — presumably against her. "What am I going to do?" the 22-year-old said, adding that she had "never done anything for people to assume I'm dangerous." (Except, of course, for her two DUI arrests.)

Lohan said she thought the breakup "would be so much harder" than it was.

"I've had great people surrounding me and I've just been working every single day."

Lohan feels her separation from Ronson may have been a "really good" thing because now she can focus on getting her "career back in shape." She said tabloid attention makes it harder.

"It distracts people, studio heads, [and] everyone. And they get nervous. I've been through a lot," said Lohan. "I was 19 years old when things happened and I'm ready to work. I'm responsible and I can be on time and I learn from my mistakes."

As for dating, Lohan said she's "not looking to be with anyone right now" because it gets "too distracting."

"Leaving town, you miss someone too much and you don't want to go sometimes," said Lohan. "But I really care about Samantha and we'll see what happens. Maybe when we're fully in the right place ... and I love her."