Lindsay Lohan by Steve Granitz/ Lindsay Lohan by Steve Granitz/

Multiple law-enforcement officials tell TMZ that according to toxicology reports, Lindsay Lohan had nearly twice the legal limit (.08 in California) of alcohol, as well as traces of cocaine, in her bloodstream when she crashed her Mercedes into a curb the morning of May 26. Lohan, who was in the car with two friends at the time, was taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries, then arrested on suspicion of DUI. It was later disclosed by the police that a "usable amount" of cocaine had been found in Lohan's vehicle. Barely two days afterward, Lohan was photographed collapsed outside a Hollywood hot spot, prompting the hard-partying starlet to check (back) into rehab, where to this day she is still seeking treatment.

Per TMZ, the Beverly Hills Police Dept. could present the case to the DA in the next few days, provided Taggart doesn't get waylaid by the banana-in-the-tailpipe trick again.