On Tuesday's episode of Limitless, we get to see things from Rebecca's (Jennifer Carpenter) point of view when she takes NZT — and it's not going to be pretty.

"It's told entirely from her perspective," executive producer Craig Sweeny tells TVGuide.com. "It's quite the explosive episode. Everything that Brian has been keeping from Rebecca all season is finally on the table between them."

Unsurprisingly, Rebecca doesn't take too kindly to the news that Brian (Jake McDorman) has been withholding information about her father's murder and responds by making a shocking decision.

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"It's a very complicated and emotional reaction. At first she's deeply upset, and then she does something very surprising," Sweeny teases. "She winds up ... coming to a kind of understanding about the terrible place that Brian was in, as far as being over a barrel and being unable to be honest about his life because his own family was in danger."

So is everything peachy between them? Not exactly. "Their partnership is very fractured by the end of the episode," according to Sweeny. "[Brian] is never going to have exactly the same relationship with Rebecca or with the FBI that he had ever again."

Watch an exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday's episode above.

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