At last! It seems like forever since we last saw our favorite plastic surgeons nip it in the bud and make each tuck everlasting. So right away I was like, "This better be a dream sequence Christian can't be dead!" Then, after shots of Sean ID'ing the body and the funeral, we learned that this was just Christian dreaming that he died. Come on  four and a half minutes is too long for a dream sequence! After I got over the Debbie Downer beginning, I began to enjoy the show I've missed so much since last October. Where do I begin? This 90-minute season premiere was chock-full of highlights. First and foremost, let me point out that we have to wait until (get this) the very last scene of the very last episode of this season to find out who the Carver is. Ugh! So this entire season will lead up to that revelation. Right now, knives are pointing to new series-regular Bruno Campos as Dr. Quentin Costa, but I'm thinking that might be too obvious. It is supposed to be someone we know, though. I've loved me some Campos since his days on the brilliant NBC sitcom Jesse. So kidding about the brilliant, of course. What I'm not kidding about is my Bruno fondness; I even watched him on Showtime's Leap Years. I think he'll add some spice to an already hot show. Speaking of hot, how thrilled am I that Rhona Mitra is on Nip/Tuck? I was not a happy camper when I found out Rhona was leaving Boston Legal, so it's great that she'll now be guesting on a show opposite her former show. (Boston fans, please note that Rhona will be on the first few episodes beginning next Tuesday.) Rhona is perfect playing opposite Julian McMahon. I was thinking "Yeah, right" when her threesome scene with Julian and Kelly Carlson began, then I turned into Paris Hilton and thought, "That's hot."

The main story line was, pardon the expression, very large. Kathy Lamkin was quite effective as the obese woman who literally couldn't get off her couch. How many of you have watched hours of TV lying on a couch and thought that you were becoming part of the couch? I know I have. Nice moment when Christian offered her his hand to hold. It's moments like those that let us know he's not as plastic as his surgery is.