Lightsabers are fun at least they look like fun but did we really need to see an entire segment of Howie playing with his? Don't even get me started on the phallic symbolism of that, or the odd fact that Janelle seemed to have a better handle on how to wield one. I guess maybe that goes to Ivette's comment when she put Janelle up for nomination about her manipulating men. I don't know if she's got a point or not; Janelle does seem to know how to cover up her competitiveness with her bleached-blonde hair flip, but that's more just a girly thing, and smart strategy to boot. Besides, she has always seemed like a guy's kind of girl; if she hadn't joined the boys' club she'd have been all alone after Week 1, when her partner, Ashlea, was sent home. Anyway, I wasn't surprised by the noms, but I was annoyed by the  butt-kissing of Ivette that commenced afterward. The fact that April and Maggie are so insecure that they need to say "good job" for every little thing just makes me hope that neither of them wins. Oh, and I did agree with the nerd herd about one thing: Maggie's assessment that no one in the house should have children together was pretty dead on. James and Sarah, if you consider procreating at least don't let your baby grow up to be April. And while I'm sure that Howie is next to go on Thursday, he still cracks me up, from thinking that the Beau morph photo was cute and datable to not recognizing his own face to wearing James' underwear in the veto competition, he's the life of the party. It will surely be interesting if it's all women in the final four. They are all so catty, tossing around the b-word and making nasty comments about each other. I think it is interesting that it's taken the "Girl Scout troop" this long to figure out that their best bet is to take Howie or Janelle. I mean, I'm a writer, but I can do math and figure out that the Friendship has the numbers in the jury house, so it doesn't really matter at this point if Jedi Janie makes it to the final two the only votes she's getting are from Rachel, Howie and James... that is, if you believe what he told me the other day.