At first glance, the trailer for Lifetime's new series YOU seems to kick off at the beginning of an adorable love story. At second glance... yikes, this is a horror show.

The trailer opens on an adrenaline-pumping "meet cute" between Guinevere (Elizabeth Lail) and Joe (Penn Badgley). Guinevere drops her phone on the subway tracks and nearly gets hit by an oncoming train trying to retrieve it. Fortunately, the dashing Joe is there to pull her out just in time, making a daring rescue. Naturally, he asks her out for a drink. Cute, right?

You should know better than that, this is 2018, we don't get nice things.

As it turns out, Joe is actually a kind of unstable guy, and he wasn't just conveniently standing by when she had her fall. His obsession with Guinevere borders on stalking. Just ask her BFF, Peach (Shay Mitchell), who is arguably also obsessed with her. The trailer hints that both of them are dangerously infatuated with Guinevere, possibly even violently so. This show could just be your new favorite thriller on TV come fall!

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In fact, the creepiest shot of the whole trailer is of Guinevere in the bath with Peach lurking outside watching her. Wait a beat, and you can see Joe slowly creep into frame behind Peach, peeping on the both of them.

"The things you do for love, right?" Joe jokes.


YOU premieres September 9 at 10/9c on Lifetime.

Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lail, <em>YOU</em>Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lail, YOU