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Lifetime has ordered 10 episodes of Relative Insanity, a new reality competition series, The Hollywood Reporter reports

From the producers of CBS' Big Brother, each hour-long episode of Relative Insanity will pit two families against each other. Locked in neighboring rooms, each family will compete in various Survivorand Fear Factor-esque challenges in hopes of winning a $25,000 cash prize. 

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For two days, the families will participate in various physical challenges and mind games. Unaware of how their fellow contestants are doing, they'll have the opportunity to purchase items that will make their stay more bearable. For those who can't stand the heat, or who really just need to go on a pizza run, a special escape button will provide each family with the option of an early exit, but possibly jeopardize their chances of winning.

Relative Insanity is set to premiere Friday, April 25 at 10/9c on Lifetime. Will you watch?