Preachers' Daughters Preachers' Daughters

Being a teenager is never easy. But what if your dad was the town pastor?

Lifetime's latest docu-series Preachers' Daughters, which premieres Tuesday, March at 10/9c, takes viewers behind the pulpit and into the lives of three very different families, including the Colemans. Although 17-year-old Taylor wants to be treated like an adult — or at least like an average teenager — her father Ken and mom Marie are worried too much freedom will only spell trouble for their youngest child.

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In the exclusive sneak peek below, Taylor argues with her parents about wanting to start dating and compares their strict rules to living behind bars. "I feel like I'm in jail," she says. "I only get out for good behavior." "I must be the warden then," her father interjects. Well...

Check out the exclusive video below. Whose side are you on?

Preachers' Daughters premieres on Tuesday, March 12 at 10/9c on Lifetime.