Life on Mars by Kerry Brown/BBC America Life on Mars by Kerry Brown/BBC America
Me: I can't wait to see ABC's Life on Mars!

Pretentious Friend: The BBC version was better. Me: Wait, have you already seen ABC's remake? (Hint: It premieres Thursday, Oct. 9 at 10 pm/ET on ABC, so obviously he hasn't.) PF: Well, the British one was great. Me: But it hasn't been released on DVD in the States and you've never been to England. How did you see it? PF: Well, I've heard it's better. Me: I heard it was very good, but I just watched the pilot episode of the ABC version, and it's also very good. PF: Scones are better than bagels. Me: What?! PF: Nothing, chap. You Yanks wouldn't understand. Me: You're from New Jersey! PF: Excuse me, I have to go to the loo. If you'd like to compare, BBC America will be running a marathon of BBC's Life on Mars on Sunday, Oct. 5 beginning at 1 pm/ET. Cheerio! - Mickey O'Connor