Monica Raymund with Tim Roth Monica Raymund with Tim Roth

Coming up on Fox's Lie to Me (Wednesdays, 8 pm/ET), Cal and The Lightman Group not only will hack away at more half-truths and ferret out many fibs, they'll also welcome some new if familiar faces — namely, those belong to Jennifer Beals (The L Word) and Mekhi Phifer (ER). Monica Raymund, who plays Ria Torres, a relative rookie when it comes to deception detection, previews the episodes to come. Do you feel like your own story parallels that of Ria Torres? An airport security guard is picked to work alongside the brilliant cal Lightman, whereas Monica Raymund is picked to star on a series with Tim Roth?
Monica Raymund: It absolutely is a parallel life. I had just come out of school in may 2008 when they plucked me up and put me on this show. It was the same deal with Torres — she has a very natural ability but not a lot of experience, and is kind of the rookie of the group. Let's preview some of the episodes coming up. This week, Torres and Foster investigate a shooting tied to rival rappers....
Raymund: Yes, there is a rivalry between two rap artists and their posses, and mysteriously one of them is shot. We then try to figure out who did it. When I spoke to Kelli Williams just a few weeks ago, she was hoping that the "girls" would get to work a case together, instead of the teams always being paired "boy-girl."
Raymund:  I know! [Laughs] We were both like, "When are we going to spend some time on a case? We need some female-female power!" It's been really great to work with her. This week's episode also features the debut of Jennifer Beals as Cal's former wife. What kind of an ex is she?
Raymund: Her character is definitely a well-to-do, successful and independent woman. She doesn't need Cal's approval or judgment on anything, she's her own woman. Do we learn what led to their marriage dissolving?
Raymund: Actually, we are not told that yet. That's a secret that will evolve. But we all have our own assumptions. Next week, Torres tackles a cop's shooting of an African-American teen. Is there a question as to whether the shooting was justified?
Raymund: There's not only a question of whether it was self-defense, but more whether it was a racial issue. There are a lot of angry people who believe it was racially motivated, and as the episode unfolds, we discover a big secret among the officers involved in the case. The big arc coming up with Mekhi Phifer as an FBI agent sounds pretty cool.
Raymund: Yeah, he's awesome. Such a great actor, a great man and lot of fun to work with. I was a big fan of his when I met him, so I was a little star-struck. I was like, "What was it like working with Eminem [in 8 Mile]?" Let's take a moment to assess my observational skills: I think that Torres likes Loker (played by Brendan Hines) just as much as — if not more than —he likes her.
Raymund: I think she's intrigued by him. And I think he's a good friend. You are going to see some romance unfold [for Torres], though not with Loker. Of course, I must ask how your own "deception detection" skills are developing.
Raymund: They're pretty bad, I'm not going to lie. Not only am a gullible person, but I'm very bad at the lie detection thing. I've practiced, believe me, but.... I think everybody is telling the truth! [Laughs] If you tell me that the sky is red, I will look up. But you have access to all this scientific data! You need to be out there using that on the dating scene.
Raymund: I try to use it at home with family and friends, but I continue to get poor scores. All I can do is keep practicing!