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An Alaskan judge has ordered Levi Johnston to pay 14 months of back child support for his son, Tripp, New York's Daily News reports.

Bristol Palin seeks sole custody of son

A figure has not been determined yet, but Johnston's ex-fiancée, Bristol Palin, is asking for a retroactive total of $19,232 and a monthly sum of $1,700 going forward, according to the Daily News. Johnston, 19, had paid Palin $4,400 last year.
While Palin, 19, attended the Thursday court hearing, Johnston, who posed for Playgirl last month, was a no-show.A trial is set for Sept. 23.

Sarah Palin says Levi Johnston "desperate" for doing Playgirl

Palin filed for sole custody of Tripp, seeking child support, in November.