Christian Kane Christian Kane

When he's not bending the rules as the Leverage team's resident enforcer Eliot Spencer, Christian Kane can often be found bending guitar strings in honky-tonks around the country. The Texas-born and Oklahoma-raised Kane does double duty as an aspiring country singer. "I like my country with a little more gasoline," he says of the fiery country-rock sound heard on his debut CD, The House Rules, out December 7. "My way of looking at country music is [similar to] Garth Brooks. He put something fun and new back into a genre that was letting a little rigor mortis set in."

Sort of what Leverage did to the tired TV-crime genre, mixing light comedy and dark drama. Sunday's episode, a Christmas tale, relies on the former, while next week's two-hour season finale — introducing ER's Goran Visnjic as villain Damien Moreau — is decidedly gloomy, Kane says. "There is nothing comedic about what's getting ready to happen," he warns, offering some ominous foreshadowing. "You're going to find out a lot more than you wanted to about Eliot. He may not be the sweetheart everybody thinks he is."

Leverage airs Sunday at 9/8c on TNT.

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