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Someone's been keeping tabs on Leverage's Nate Ford (Timothy Hutton) all season. In Sunday's episode, that man will reveal himself, and we have your exclusive first look!

Exclusive: Leverage recruits Saving Grace's Leon Rippy for recurring role

Guest star Leon Rippy (Deadwood

, Saving Grace) returns as professional investor Jack Latimer in Sunday's "The Boiler Room Job" (10/9c, TNT). His Warren Buffet-type character has figured out the Leverage team's game, and he has begun lining his own pockets by taking advantage of the companies Nate's team destroys.Although Latimer originally reached out to Nate after he and his team took down Reed Rockwell (guest star Michael Gladis) in this season's third episode, Nate refused to talk business without a face-to-face meeting. Now, it seems his wish has been granted."I divulge to Nate exactly who I am and what I'm doing — and that I'm on to his game," Rippy tells TVGuide.com. "He's working on these other guys, but I'm hip to it so that's unsettling to him."

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However, Rippy, who's made a career out of playing bad guys, says he's not necessarily a true villain. "I think it's my crooked teeth and some of the Southernisms that I have lend itself to a bad guy," he says. "But I would classify him as a semi-bad guy.  He's a business guy.  A lot of successful people have a lot of enemies they've made while getting there."So, why does Latimer reveal himself now? "It's gamesmanship," Rippy says. "It's not about the money. It's about the game — the 'I'm better at it than you are.' But, I think they are equals in a lot of ways."The Latimer story line won't be resolved until the show's final two episodes, slated to air on TNT next winter. But Rippy says he's game to continue beyond that if the story dictates. "The way that it's left in the final script, it's not tying anything up," Rippy says with a laugh. It's not saying this is the end of this guy."Leverage will air two new episodes Sunday, beginning at 9/8c. Watch a clip from Rippy's episode below.