I know last week I said this column would be all about The O.C., but seeing how so many of us are off for the rest of the week, I figured, let's hold that 'til next week when we're all back at work and trolling the web. Instead, I offer you one last pre-Thanksgiving batch of shows on DVD you can't help but be grateful for.

Veronica Mars All three seasons, all wondrous in their own way and all the Kristen Bell you need to know that the woman is a star. The only downside is the lack of gratitude one might experience at the CW's cancellation of this prime property.

Bones Let me put it this way: this show is a scream. And if you're not hip to season 3 running on FOX right now, get there and grab the first two seasons available on your way. David Boreanaz may actually be the funniest handsome man on TV right now. And Emily Deschanel? She's grown on me. Give her a shot, people. House isn't Tuesday night's only great show. (Oh and check out my q&a with Boreanaz in the Dancing with the Stars double-issue he's a pip!)

The Batman
and Teen Titans Obviously, I'm all about my cartoons and these two are just the tops. Cooler than the SuperFriends (sorry, I know!) and so not just for kids, their fourth seasons just dropped this week on DVD and they are bangin'! Check out the anime awesomeness of Titans for an example of how classic tales can get kicked up a notch.

How I Met Your Mother
OK, so this is the show that really got me started on my whole TV on DVD kick. The Smallville and One Tree Hill sets hooked me on those particular shows, but HIMYM is the one that made me think 'hmmm, I wonder what other shows are out there that I'm missing the boat on.' Plus, it showed up just as my Friends withdrawal really took off and made it all better by being a) high-larious and b) the only CBS sitcom at the time that didn't feature a schlubby guy, his sassy and too-sexy wife and the words "Raymond" or "Queens." Oh, and Neil Patrick Harris wants to be my best friend, I can just tell.

Family Guy It's not even right how funny this freakin' show is. Every set that's on shelves now is a bundle of politically incorrect, equal-opportunity offensiveness served up with not a single care in the world by Seth MacFarlane. It's like The Simpsons' trashy cousin and it gets away with more than I could ever imagine. On DVD, even more, since Standards & Practices has no sway. And if you think I'm joshing, please, for the love of all that's holy, take a look at Drew Barrymore's first appearance as Brian's mentally challenged pounce toy, Jillian. Stewie has a line that made me snort latte.

SportsNight Before Aaron Sorkin filled The West Wing with rapid-fire Oval officers throwing quips around like we understood half of those obscure political references , he gave ABC one of the smartest sitcoms in recent years. And then the network botched it big time. Barely eeking out two seasons, the complete series is available in one set and it's delicious. A pre- Six Feet Under Peter Krause, Felicity Huffman before anyone knew how amazing she was and Robert Guillaume as a producer so commanding, you almost forget you're watching the man who was Benson.Just take it slow going through this collection. All the Sorkin-ized speedy dialogue gets a little exhausting.

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
Oh my god, how great was this cartoon?! Back in 1995 when Comedy Central unleashed their Squigglevision cartoon on the viewing world, I think I may have been too messed in the head to get what was what. Now, thanks to the splendid Complete Series set that came out this week, I have been able to catch up and finally, I get it! Between Jonathan Katz's deadpan delivery, Sarah Silverman's sister Laura as his secretary and the crazy animation, this is definitely something anyone with a bent sense of humor is gonna be needing under the tree this year.

Melrose Place Season Three...Five words, kids: Kimberly. Blows. Up. The. Building. Oooh, and three more! Off. The. Hook. Dag, that season finale is still how I judge other primetime soaps' "event" episodes. And so far, not many of them have measured up. Although I have high hopes for this weekend's Desperate Housewives tornado.

OK, so that's it. I have to go figure out what appetizer I'm bringing to my brother's for dinner on Thursday. Have a great turkey day and we'll catch up with Josh Schwartz and The O.C. next week.

Until then, don't hog the remote. And be grateful for what you've got!