Don't you just love it when karma swings back in your favor?

Saturday Night Live's Leslie Jones is certainly feeling that way after her return to Twitter — after a break due to some truly heinous mean-tweets directed her way — paid off with a new gig. NBC has hired the comedian and actress to live-tweet the Olympics from Rio, after she posted a hilarious series of excited tweets and next-level commentary about basically every event over the weekend. In one, she posted a video of herself decked out in the American flag and wearing plastic gold medals, cheering for Team USA and displaying her love for the Olympics.

SNL and Late Night with Seth Meyers producer Mike Shoemaker tweeted at NBC Olympics executive producer Jim Bell to fly the Ghostbusters star out to Rio, and Bell happily obliged. Her commentary eventually caught the eye of NBC Olympics executive producer Jim Bell, who tweeted at Jones on Saturday: "You're officially invited to Rio. Want to come?" Jones accepted Monday.

Starting Friday, Jones will attend Olympic events, meet athletes and generally add her fun voice to the network's coverage. "We're thrilled to have Leslie come to the Olympics," Bell said in a statement. "She's a member of the family, and her passion for the Olympics is remarkable."