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Jay Leno acknowledged that Conan O'Brien was understandably upset in his Wednesday night monologue, alluding to The Tonight Show host's refusal to move to 12:05.

"Nobody knows what is going on. Conan O'Brien, understandable, is very upset. He had a statement in the paper yesterday," Leno noted, then joked: 

"Conan said NBC only gave him seven months to make his show work. ... Seven months!  How did he get that deal?  We only got four!  Who's his agent?  Get me that guy.  I'll take seven."

He also responded to Jimmy Kimmel's scathing impersonation Tuesday night, noting that "all the late-nights host are having great fun with this debacle."

Leno and Kimmel can have some of that fun together Thursday, when Kimmel is scheduled to appear on Leno's program.

Jimmy Kimmel to guest on Jay Leno Show

After showing a clip of Kimmel's sendup, the gray-haired Leno showed a photo of the dark-haired Kimmel and said he was going to come out dressed as Kimmel "but I realized I do not have enough black shoe polish here at NBC to get my hair that dark."

In a vicious parody, Kimmel impersonated Leno with a gray wig Tuesday and stayed in character throughout ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel does scathing imitation of Jay Leno

The host of NBC's The Jay Leno Show went on to joke that critics of the Afghanistan war have stopped referring to it as "another Vietnam" — they're now calling it "another NBC."

VIDEO: Watch Leno's monologue on NBC and Kimmel

He referred to the network as "America's most dysfunctional TV family."

"You thought the Gosselins were screwed up," he said.  "Oh my God."