Craig Horner with Bridget Regan, <I>Legend of the Seeker</i> Craig Horner with Bridget Regan, Legend of the Seeker

Fans of Legend of the Seeker have two big reasons to raise their swords and hurrah. One, the syndicated action-adventure series (based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind) has been picked up for a second season. But also, a Legend-ary faceoff soon will come to fruition.

Asked to look ahead to Season 2, Craig Horner, who stars as Richard Cypher/the Seeker, says, "I don't know if they'll follow the second [Sword of Truth] book at all, because they already drew from the first book and took some stories and characters from future books. Now that we've got our own reins on the show, we can kind of do what we want."

One thing viewers will be treated to this season is a meeting between Richard and Darken Rahl, his arch enemy. "We've got two interactions actually," says Horner, "and it's kind of cool" — especially since Horner and Rahl's portrayer, Craig Parker, had yet to share a scene.

On a less-antagonistic front, Seeker viewers are just as — if not more — vested in what's to transpire between Richard and the mysterious Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan), with whom he shares a forbidden love (or at least mild lust). "Maybe we'll get together, maybe we won't," Horner hedges. "I just hope they keep it going. That's the kind of thing that drew me to shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where for those first few seasons it was Buffy and Angel, on and off, on and off."

Of course, much action is on the menu as the Seeker's journeys continue. And that means the occasional Band-Aid for Horner. "There's not a day I go home without some kind of cut or bruise, but it's all part of the work!" he shrugs. "We have stunt doubles do [the dangerous scenes], but the fights are really me, so you get your occasional nick."