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Julie Plec Confirms a New Vampire Is Coming to Legacies Season 2

Mystic Falls could use a few more fangs, right?

Lindsay MacDonald

Brace yourselves, Salvatore School students: It sounds like Mystic Falls is getting a new resident vampire when Legacies' returns.

Though Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) will be MIA, life will carry for Landon (Aria Shahghasemi), Alaric (Matt Davis), and the rest of the gang, which means school is officially back in session when summer vacation ends. And what's a new school year without some new students? TV Guide caught up with showrunner Julie Plec at ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, and she teased a new character who may be joining the halls of our favorite supernatural boarding school in Season 2.

"We're really excited about a new character that we're introducing. We really want to bring in an old, old, old-world vampire," Plec told TV Guide. "We made the rule for our school that the vampires who go to our school actually need to be teenagers... not hundreds of years [old] because then you get into some creepy math. But we want to introduce a vampire who kind of got desiccated when he was 17 in maybe the 15th century and now wakes up in the 21st century and realizes that all the rules of being a vampire have changed and that he does not fit in into this very modern world."

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So basically a time-traveling vampire?! Hell yes, bust out that welcome wagon, Saltzman twins! Something tells us Legacies and its whimsical nature will not miss an opportunity to poke fun at this kid and his bafflement at modern technology, feminism, and fashion.

Legacies will return on Thursdays this fall on The CW.

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Additional reporting by Sadie Gennis.

Jenny Boyd and Kaylee Bryant, Legacies

Jenny Boyd and Kaylee Bryant, Legacies

Jace Downs, Jace Downs/The CW