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Legacies' First Trailer Is a Delicious Mix of Harry Potter and Buffy

Screw Hogwarts, where's our Salvatore School acceptance letter?

Lindsay MacDonald

We didn't think it was possible, but Mystic Falls is about to get a lot more magical when The Vampire DiariesandThe Originalsspin-off Legacies premieres. TV Guide's exclusive first look at this new series will have you saying, "Screw that Hogwarts letter, where's my acceptance to The Salvatore School?"

Legacies follows the story of Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) and her classmates at Alaric Saltzman's (Matt Davis) school for supernatural children, and like he says in the trailer, that covers a lot of territory. Witches, werewolves and vampires make up the student body at this boarding school masquerading as a prep school for troubled rich kids, but they aren't the only creatures stalking the woods of Mystic Falls. Showrunner Julie Plec has teased that new monsters will be introduced in this series, and our minds are already racing at the possibilities.

Legacies Will Answer a Very Important Question About Klaus and Elijah

Legacies won't take itself too seriously though, and we're sure to get some of that good ol' high school drama woven into the plot each week too. In fact, we're getting some serious Buffy the Vampire Slayervibes, as this series weaves the dark yet whimsical supernatural goings-on of the town into the everyday life of its teenage inhabitants, from setting your ex on fire to sister witches crushing on the same werewolf hottie.

After you've watched the trailer the necessary 20 times to spot all the hidden magical clues, be sure to mark down the Legacies premiere date on your calendars and start your countdown!

Legacies premieresThursday, October 25 at 9/8c on The CW.

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Danielle Rose Russell and Matt Davis, Legacies

Danielle Rose Russell and Matt Davis, Legacies

Jace Downs, Jace Downs/The CW