Legacies has struck a good balance between honoring the heritage of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals and also establishing itself as a new, totally unique show. But this week, The CW drama is going to be taking an important page out of The Vampire Diaries' handbook by incorporating the Miss Mystic Falls pageant.

For those of you unaware, Miss Mystic Falls is the town's yearly beauty pageant that heavily favors the founding families while also throwing a few token nominations to other girls to keep up appearances. We've only ever seen Mystic Falls High School students compete in the pageant on The Vampire Diaries, but it sounds like, on Legacies, the Salvatore School kids will be able to take a shot at the crown as well. It's a good thing too, since trying to keep Caroline Forbes' (Candice King) daughters out of a pageant like that would surely result in bloodshed. They're technically part of two founding families after all, if you count Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) as their step-dad. Though speaking of founding families, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) should totally count too, since her family technically lived there 1,000 years before everyone else.

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When TV Guide visited the set of Legacies last year, we asked the cast which character they would pick to take up the Miss Mystic title, and the decision was pretty unanimous in favor of Lizzie (Jenny Boyd), who will no doubt shamelessly campaign for the win. Something tells us Josie (Kaylee Bryant) won't be too happy about losing our to her sister again though.

The most intriguing suggestion actually came from Aria Shahgasemi, who thought M.G. (Quincy Fouse) would make a great candidate for the new reigning champ. He's got the charisma and the good heart needed to win the crown (not to mention the moves), and considering it's 2019, why not open the pageant up to dudes as well as girls? Stop being so binary, Mystic Falls!

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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Danielle Rose Russell, <em>Legacies</em>Danielle Rose Russell, Legacies