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Legacies: Is Lizzie Saltzman the New Caroline Forbes?

She's certainly emotional enough to pass as her mom!

Lindsay MacDonald

Give that Legacies is set in Mystic Falls within the halls of the Salvatore Boarding House (now school), and it follows the lives of the children of some iconic The Vampire DiariesandThe Originalscharacters, it's easy to understand why this new series is getting some major comparisons to the shows it was spun-off of.

One character in particular has drawn a few comparisons to The Vampire Diaries' beloved mean girl turned precious cinnamon roll, Caroline Forbes (Candice King), and it's not hard to see why -- like surrogate mother, like daughter right? When we meet her, Lizzie Saltzman (Jenny Boyd) is emotional, insecure and has a bit of a reputation for being the on-campus mean girl. If that doesn't sound like someone cloned 17-year-old Caroline and popped her into a private school uniform, we don't know what does. According to Boyd, those comparisons are not at all unwelcome, but they're also only half the story.

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"[The comparisons] are a huge compliment!" Boyd told TV Guide at the CW Fall Launch Party. "I've really tried to sort of bring that out in her and adopt some of those similar characteristics because Lizzie really does identify Caroline as being her mom and feels very close to her. She has a lot of similarities in personality, but then she's also very different. I think she's got a more volatile side to put it in those terms. She's very emotional and she's dealing a lot of very strong feelings. She's very vulnerable, and she's not so good at hiding it."

Having seen the Legacies premiere, we can confirm Lizzie is basically a walking emotion, which will make you simultaneously want to wrap her in a hug and keep your distance. Witches plus emotions are a dangerous combination, after all.

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Time will tell if Lizzie turns out to be Caroline 2.0 or distinguishes herself as something new entirely. In the meantime, let's hope Lizzie's volatility doesn't cause issues with her twin, Josie (Kaylee Bryant); Gemini Coven twins have a bad history of letting their crazy get the best of them sometimes...

Jenny Boyd, Legacies

Jenny Boyd, Legacies

Quantrell Colbert, Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Legacies premieresThursday, October 25 at 9/8c on The CW.

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