Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones

How much will it take to get Led Zeppelin back on tour? A whole lotta loot, apparently.

According to The Daily Mirror, the rock band's frontman Robert Plant ripped up a contract from Richard Branson offering the group more than $300 million each. Jimmy Page,John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham — who'd play in his father John's place —all apparently signed on immediately to the 35-date, three-city tour proposal.

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The nixed tour also reportedly thwarted Branson's plan to rebrand one of his Virgin jets as "The Starship," with the staircase of course called "The Stairway to Heaven," which would fly the band to venues. The back of the aircraft, to be called Led Zep seats, would've been sold for over $150,000 each.

Led Zeppelin has only performed together four times since their split in 1980.  

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