I learned on the Ellen DeGeneres show earlier that How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris was an avid juggler. That doesn't have much to do with anything in tonight's episode of Mother, but I thought it was a neat fact to keep in mind while I was watching the Doogster's perfectly timed delivery. Loved when he was talking about why he and Ted should go to the matchmaking service. "These chicks are desperate and hot. That's a perfect cocktail. Shake well and then sleep with." Then when dopey Ted didn't take that bait, Barney lied that his boat was sinking and then told him that this was a chance for them to meet their "soul mates, nail them and never call them again." Which was all followed up by a smarmy "Is there any way that I can let it be known that I love cuddling?" when he was talking to Camryn Manheim's matchmaking maven. Oh, and watch out for the dangerous rare cockamouse if you live in an urban environment. I hear those things can fly.... Can someone please explain to me why Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth is doing goofy Old Navy commercials now? Sure, her series tanked a few years back, but there's got to be something better out there, or at least something with singing.... Medium's topic tonight seemed to bear a strong resemblance to the Scott Peterson case, but the concept that Allison and her hubby were not allowed to talk about the trial that they were both somewhat involved with was interesting. That's got to add a lot of tension to their relationship. Oh, and I never even saw the ending coming. Who knew that the rich old guy who was seemingly defending his son-in-law would turn on him and hunt him down like an animal in the woods? That's crazy! AC

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