Leah Remini is filming a new series about Scientology's controversial disconnection policy.

The news comes from The Underground Bunker, a well-known Scientology news site that also broke the story that Remini was leaving the Church in 2013.

In Scientology, disconnection is when the Church strongly encourages members to cut off all communication from people who are deemed antagonistic towards Scientology. This could include spouses, parents, children, loved ones or anyone else labeled a "Suppressive Person" by the Church.

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Remini is producing the series, which is filming now. The Underground Bunker also reports that the same unnamed network for which Remini is making the show is also developing another series about how Scientology tears families apart.

The King of Queens actress was raised in Scientology, but has become a very outspoken critic of the Church since she left. Her memoir Troublemaker, which was released last year, went into great detail about her relationship with the Church (and the Chuch's relationship with Tom Cruise).

An email to Remini's rep was not immediately returned.

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