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How did Seth Rogen land the role of Dirty Randy on The League? Well, he's a movie star, a skilled improviser. Oh yeah, and he looked the part.

"There's a very short list of people who are brilliantly funny and who are going to be a believable porn location scout," co-creator and executive producer Jeff Schaffer tells "So he was No. 1 on our list."

In the Season 3 premiere, airing Thursday at 10:30/9:30c on FX, the Knocked Up actor plays the oft-mentioned, never-before-seen directing buddy of Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas). "He's such a big fan of the show, he's a good buddy of the entire League cast," co-creator and executive producer Jackie Marcus Schaffer says.

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Rogen is one of several big names from the entertainment and the football world guest-starring on The League this season, including Will Forte, Eliza Dushku, Ray Liotta, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice and Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

But after waiting so long to meet Dirty Randy, will he make a return appearance? "I would love to have him back. Unfortunately, he's a major star so that will be tough scheduling-wise, but Dirty Randy doesn't die at the end," Steve Rannazzisi says. "It was a really, really fantastic time and a great get for us."

Find out what else is coming up this season on The League:

The return of the Others: Like the others on Lost, The League has often referred to the mysterious out-of-town members of the league. Forte guest-stars as one of the guys in an upcoming episode written by cast members Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer. "We've got Will Forte coming in as one of the out-of-town idiots so they're very excited to see him but he comes back much different than they imagined, so that causes problems," Jeff Schaffer says. This season, we'll also meet more of the guys' extended family, including Andre's very popular sister. "She's the one who sort of gave all the other guys their first taste of sexuality and then she blew up to about 300 pounds and she's coming back," Jeff Schaffer says.

The League drafts Seth Rogen to play the legendary Dirty Randy

Taco's corporation expands: He may not know much about football, but look for Taco to take his business ideas to the next level. "His entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive. Every episode he's up to something different, a different business endeavor. He's very creative and he has a lot of new products," Jon Lajoie says of his character. "I like to say he's one step ahead of everyone in a race that no one else is racing." Just don't expect Taco's professional success to roll over into his personal life and, specifically, the league. "I think if Taco were to win, it would create a lot of anger in the fantasy football community."

Jenny becomes a working girl: After holding her own against the boys last year, Jenny will also be entering the workforce this season. But don't worry League fans, her new hours are going to keep her from smack-talking with the best of them. "For Jenny, it's a great thing because she's got her focus on her own team, her job and I think she's getting her legs," Katie Aselton says of her character. "Jenny's incredibly competitive and she gets a little conniving this year, there's some trickery going on." Jenny's busier schedule will force Kevin to fend for himself, and also possibly make way for the couple's daughter to spend time with the other members of the league, particularly Uncle Taco.  "She has some very funny interactions with Taco," Rannazzisi says.

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Will the Shiva curse befall Ruxin?: Although the cast still doesn't know which character will come out of Season 3 victorious, producers have had the winner planned for weeks. "We wait as long as possible because it would crush their spirit," Jeff Schaffer says, "and I don't want them to act like a loser until they're actually losing. We want to see the moment where they get crushed." Just don't expect Ruxin to have much luck. "There's a part of me that wanted Ruxin to win to see the curse of the Shiva and to see terrible things befall Ruxin," Kroll says. "The truth is wherever you are in the league, there's fun stuff to play with." But no matter who wins or loses, it's going to be one heck of a finish. "There are some dirty secrets that happen in the premiere and in the beginning of the year that are sort of going to hover over the league the entire time," Jeff Schaffer says. "When they blow up, they blow up huge so it's going to be a very exciting end to the season."