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All TV networks have to grow up sometime... except for Fox.

The network is currently developing League of Pan, a modern twist on the story of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, reports Deadline.

The project — which hails from Andrew Miller, the creator of The CW's short-lived supernatural drama The Secret Circle — centers on the lives of the Lost Boys 15 years after they've left Neverland.

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Described as a "grounded, edgy, soapy thriller," the potential series is set in contemporary Los Angeles and follows the now-adult men as they're forced to work together to figure out who's killing them off, one by one. (My money's on Captain Hook or a murderous version of Tinker Bell.)

Unfortunately, they weren't on good terms with each another when they left Neverland, so they'll have to overcome rivalries and grudges if they want to stay alive and rediscover the magic they once had.

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