Returning to the Ryan Murphy small screen universe as Hester (a.k.a. Chanel No. 6, f.k.a. "Neckbrace") in Fox's Scream Queens has given Lea Michele an unexpected life goal achievement award: The opportunity to make every Full House fan's childhood dreams come true by locking lips with Uncle Jesse himself, John Stamos.

Have mercy, indeed!

During Tuesday (December 20)'s Season 2 finale, Hester and Stamos' Dr. Brock Holt made their maniacal romance official, sealing it with a kiss after lifting all of Dean Munsch's money for a long-term getaway to Blood Island, and for Michele, swapping spit with America's swooniest TV uncle was an "honor."

The actress hit Twitter after the show aired to memorialize her mouthy moment with the Fuller House star, captioning the clip, "And then I got to kiss Uncle Jesse.. #ilovemyjob." As if it weren't already satisfying enough that she got to play a duplicitous badette such as Hester after so much time spent in the good girl Glee seat. Some girls really do have it all.

We're left to imagine what comes next, but if Hester's little preview is any indication — that they'll be living as "two murderers with no one to murder except each other" in their beachin' new digs — the view is probably gonna be pretty glorious.

Whodathunk that it'd be Hester who got the happiest ending of all the Chanels?