This week, Joseph Lawrence fans let out a collective sympathy "Whoa." The 28-year-old actor confirms to TV Guide Online that his struggling WB sitcom, Run of the House, won't return this fall for a second season. You haven't seen the last of Joey, though. He's just taped an ABC pilot, I Married Sophia, and learns next week if the series will join the network's fall lineup.

The pilot casts Lawrence as a once-successful New Yorker whose recent job loss leaves him strapped for cash. Through an illegal website, he finds Sophia — a foreign woman in need of a green card — and marries her in exchange for $10,000. He expects to take the money and run (and they say romance is dead!) but a suspicious INS agent forces the fake couple to cohabitate with her 7-year-old son. Fun, huh?

"It's a great hot-headed romantic comedy," Lawrence says. "It's all about the relationship of these two people. The chemistry is there instantly, but they fight it from day one. It's like that Moonlighting thing. You know that they're going to get together eventually, it's just how long are they going to fight it? And hopefully, it's for a very, very long time!"

Speaking of moonlighting, Lawrence has been in talks to briefly revive his role as Michael, the original Bandstand producer on NBC's American Dreams. When we last saw Michael, he was heading to California to "pursue other opportunities." Talk about vague.

"The character was left wide open," Lawrence explains. "At some point, Bandstand moves to L.A. I don't know whether they're going to keep up with [this idea], but the plan was for the girls to move with the show and meet up with Michael again for a few [episodes]." Stay tuned...