Law & Order Legacies video game Law & Order Legacies video game

Law & Order was one of TV's longest running shows, spawned four spinoffs, continues to air in repeats almost around the clock — and is still growing. The upcoming video game Law & Order: Legacies brings together an all-star lineup of cops and lawyers, including NYPD detectives Lennie Briscoe, Mike Logan and Rey Curtis, Lt. Anita Van Buren, district attorneys Jack McCoy, Abbie Carmichael and Michael Cutter as well as L&O: SVU detective Olivia Benson.

Telltale Games will release Legacies this winter for iPhones and iPads (and eventually for PCs and Macs). It comes in episodic format, with each installment in the seven-part "series" selling for $2.99. Players can take the roles of either police or attorney, and follow a case from investigation through trial, including gathering evidence, questioning witnesses and making moral choices that will dictate the eventual verdict.

"We really wanted [it to feel like] playing an episode of the show, and when the investigation phase as a police officer is over, we move into the courtroom phase with the district attorneys," says Ryan Kaufman, senior designer at Telltale Games. "We based the stories on current events like the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case and the Occupy Wall Street protests, but we also pored over episodes of the show to find the best moments, making sure we really captured that classic Law & Order feel."

Check out this exclusive trailer for Law & Order: Legacies:

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