In her role on Doubt, CBS' new legal drama, Laverne Cox is already shattering glass ceilings as the first trans actress in a major role on a primetime network drama.

She stars as Cameron Wirth, a tough-but-tender attorney busting her butt on behalf of her clients — defending nearly-impossible-to-defend people including a schizophrenic who pushes a woman onto the subway and a man on a ride with his cousin who ends up being accused of taking part in a murder. Her authoritative, inspiring role is already a watershed moment for trans women, but there's more: we see Cameron in a relationship too.

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"What happens between Cameron and Peter, my love interest, is very true to life," Cox told in this video. She said that, as a trans woman who dates straight-identified men, she'd always wanted to see her experience reflected, and, "the fact that I get to be the vessel for that is really exciting for me. I am a woman and trans women are women. Straight men are going to be attracted to trans women." Her on-screen relationship, she said, will be something to talk about and help other trans people "feel represented in a humane and multi-dimensional way."

Laverne Cox as Cameron Wirth, DoubtLaverne Cox as Cameron Wirth, Doubt

Doubt airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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