Lauren London Lauren London

It's a girl!

After all our guesses about which male character (Navid? Ty? That blond guy?) would come out of the closet on 90210, it's cheerleader Christina Worthy who is the same-sex-oriented cast member, sources tell exclusively.

In the Nov. 18 episode, Christina (Lauren London) was macking on Dixon pretty obviously during the Spirit Dinner and then again at the lacrosse game. "Who's that?" Silver asked, as Christina sashayed away in her miniskirt. But we'll discover in the Jan. 6 episode that Christina has a girlfriend. (Before you ask, the girlfriend is not played by Friday Night Lights' Aimee Teegarden; that's a different character and storyline altogether.) Christina is described as being bisexual by sources close to the show, which I'm guessing means that she'll also continue to carry a torch for Dixon. Confusing!

London had a memorable guest-starring gig on Entourage as Kelly, the daughter of Turtle's mechanic, and has also appeared in the movies This Christmas and ATL.

What do you think about this casting? Will Christina be a gay-positive role model — or is a bisexual high school cheerleader just another male fantasy?

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