Don't be shocked if you see an entirely different side of Gilmore Girls alum Lauren Graham when she starts her recurring role on Curb Your Enthusiasm's upcoming ninth season.

In an interview with TVLine, Graham didn't leak too much about who she'll play, but she did reveal that she plays a woman who uses "very colorful language." That, of course, is a 180 degree turn from the rapid-fire, pop culture-obsessed (but PG) banter she spit on Gilmore Girls for seven seasons and the recent Netflix revival.

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Her first gig since Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life last year, the Curb Your Enthusiasm role might be a really savvy about-face for Graham — even if it will stretch her. She told TVLine, "It was the perfect answer to 'What do I do now?!' because this character is completely not me at all. I speak in a way that I don't speak ever."

Of course, anyone who's watched Curb knows magical, potty-mouthed diatribes are kind of par for the course — and Graham says pretty much all her work on the series was with Larry David, whom she takes pride in making laugh. She'll have some moments with Ted Danson too, who helped her dive into the improvisational nature of the show, and really let the filth fly from her mouth. She says he told her, "'This is cable. You can really [let loose]. Think of the craziest thing possible.' And my brain so doesn't work that way."

We'll see how she did when Curb finally returns.HBO has yet to release a premiere date.