Lauren Conrad Lauren Conrad

Fans of MTV's Laguna Beach and The Hills know that Lauren Conrad is no stranger to fashion. Now the 24-year-old former reality star is making her style accessible with a collection called LC Lauren Conrad. spoke to her about creating an affordable line, why she decided to set aside her TV career and whether she misses The Hills. Tell me about your new collection.
Lauren Conrad: [It's] all about taking new trends and putting our twist on them and doing the whole relaxed look that we love here in California. One of the overall trends we wanted to do is the pairing of masculine, feminine and that's taking more feminine romantic pieces and pairing them with something a little tougher. We have more masculine layering pieces like a biker jacket, we have a boyfriend blazer, but we also have a little eyelash skirt and a sheath dress that you can pair them with. Why did you decide to create an affordable line?
Conrad: I don't think fashion is exclusive. Back when I was filming I had to do a new outfit every other day so it adds up. I was all about the discount shopping and I think when you can create really great pieces that are affordable and also accessible, then it's great.

Lauren Conrad's top words of wisdom What's your go-to piece?
Conrad: My favorite piece, and we've made it a staple, is the blazer. It can really pull a look together and also it makes things look a bit more polished. What made you put your TV career behind and bring fashion to the forefront?
Conrad: Fashion has always been the end goal. It's been the constant since I was a little girl and all throughout doing the show. I knew it's where I wanted to end up so it was just about making the transition and taking it on full time. Do you miss The Hills at all?
Conrad: I miss the fabulous crew I got to work with — that's about it.